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              What Does The Alumni Association Do ?

Our Mission

We provide year-round leadership, guidance, and financial support to the men of Kappa Chapter. We manage and fund all activities, events, communications, awards and parties for Kappa’s Alumni.

Keeping Alumni Connected.

We ensure that all 900+ living alumni of Kappa Chapter stay informed about news concerning the Brothers and Little Sisters from their time at Transy. To accomplish this we regularly publish newsletters, direct mail, email, videos and social media posts.

Achievements and Support

This year, dues from KCAA members helped cover the costs of:

  • Travel and registration for a record number of Actives to attend the 2024 Pike Convention.

  • Travel and registration for Pike Regional training meetings.

  • Travel and attendance at the Winter Chapter Officers Training Conference.

  • Attendance and accommodations for The Pike University in Atlanta.

  • Kappa Chapter’s Annual Philanthropic projects.

  • Year-round Rush activities.

  • The annual awards ceremony for Kappa’s graduating seniors and the John T. Gentry Alumni of the Year Award.

  • Refurnished the Chapter Room

  • Restore the historic Kappa Chapter original charter.

  • Provide over 24 academic scholarships to Pikes earning a 3.1 or higher GPA

  • Host the largest gathering of Pike Alumni during Alumni Weekend.


The Kappa Chapter Alumni Association won the 2023 and 2024 William R. Nester Award for Pike Alumni Association excellence!
This marks the six consecutive years the KCAA has won this award.


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