Was he the best among us?

A long time ago when Gil Willson was a pledge, Gil learned that PIKE will set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement, for members and the communities in which they live.

Gil was a builder and developer of high repute in the Greater DC area, that was in great demand by the public and private sector because of the quality and his integrity.  He even did several jobs for Transy Pikes and KA’s in the area.

Gil would kick my a.. but he was very private about all the good deeds he did for others. If he knew someone in the community was having hard times, he was there to lend a hand.  In addition to KCAA, Gil made donations to schools for autistic and disabled
children, veterans’ homes, hospitals and other groups across the eastern US and would visit them from time to time.  Typical Gil, he would always refuse public recognition for his good deeds for others.

Gil was a great family man.  He raised 3 great kids after the love of his life Bonnie passed and then 25 years later he found Greta whom just past away several months ago.

Yes, my best friend Gil did live up to and exceed the tenants of what we learned when we all pledged PIKE.

After all the phone calls, reading the FB postings, emails and text messages to me this week, I think Gil Willson just might be the best among us.

As always, I may be wrong, but I doubt it.


Scott Brown

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Gil's celebration of life will be held on Saturday July 31st @ Gil’s farm beginning @ 4 PM, headlined by the Midnight Movers, Gil’s favor band that played for all of his birthday celebrations.  

The farm is located @  1301 Hennessy Terrace, Sandy Spring, MD 20860. (Lots of white board fence/big White House & barn on the hill)

Suggested attire is:
1. Sun glasses on your head, 
2. Izod Shirts (Pink & wrinkled preferred), 
3. white painter pants(recently stained & belt optional)
4. Sketcher tennis shoes (no socks a must).

There are lots of Hilton & Marriott hotels within 5-10 miles of his farm.

Hope to see you there.