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Kappa Chapter’s Alumni Association has accomplished a great deal with very limited membership dues.



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  • Provides funds for travel, lodging, meals and registration for both regional training and the two most recent annual conventions. This made it possible for several Actives and our Chapter Advisior to attend both.

  • Provided funds to offset the costs of Rush, the Smoker, Alumni Weekend and Founders' Day.

  • Provided the required funds to re-charter Kappa’s Alumni Association. After only nine months in operation our association was named the top new Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni chapter in the United States.

  • Worked with a select group of generous alumni to raise the funds required to furnish both the temporary and the future Pike Chapter Room.

  • Provided direct and confidential finanical support to key upperclassmen who otherwise would have had to withdraw from the fraternity and possibly the University.


To Join Please Click on the Button Below